Audio Asylum operates within the workspace of Rothesay Studios which houses various creative companies. 

We have you covered with any voice over recordings, Sound design, Music Library searches and final mix you may need.

Please feel free to drop us a mail for a personalised quote, as we believed not all projects are created equally.

if you would like to come through to chat and see the facilities, Please also drop us a mail, we would've to meet you. 




  • Avid S3 and Dock mixer

  • Pro Tools HD 2018.12

  • Avid HDX system with HD Omni

  • Izotope Rx Noise Reduction and other various plugins

  • R128 Loudness compliant 

  • PMC Result 5.1 speaker setup

  • Various industry standard plugins




  • Audio Final Mix

  • Voice over recordings

  • Sound design

  • Music Library searches

  • R128 conversions 

  • And more…


Voice overs
Our PMC speakers
Signage being placed up
Main control room
Studio Entrance